Hair Styling School Tour

Do you want to know what it takes to get a celebrity ready to perform on stage in sold out arenas around the world? Have you been curious about what it takes to work on a magazine fashion shoot? Do you wonder what it’s like to prepare models for Fashion Week in different cities around the world? You can get a taste of that and more at the Hair Design Institute’s school tour.

What can I expect during the school tour?

Coming in for a school tour is important because it is an opportunity to experience all that the Hair Design Institute has to offer. Learning about it on a website is one thing, however being able to experience it through our students, teachers, and staff is a whole different experience. We encourage you to come and see how we are different from other hair styling schools.

The school tour takes place during the admissions process. Once you decide you are ready to apply, you can make an appointment to meet with an admissions representative where we can learn a little more about your goals. This is also a time for you to decide whether or not the Hair Design Institute is a good match for you.

Meet the Hair Design Institute’s Instructors

The Hair Design Institute prides itself on hands-on learning with industry professionals. During the school tour, you will get a taste of our hands-on learning environment when you visit a class in progress. You can come in and witness our instructors teaching the latest industry techniques, using the latest tools. You will find that our students are involved in a multitude of learning styles all at the same time — hands-on, lecture, and reinforcing with a textbook.

Meet the Hair Design Institute’s Students

You also get a chance to meet up with current students at various points in their hair school journey. This is your opportunity to learn from students who were once where you are now. Ask them about how they enjoy their classes, what skills they are learning, and how the school is helping them to reach their goals.

Special Events

Our staff and instructors are very well connected to the hair and beauty industry. As a result, we are able to offer a number of special learning opportunities that expand your view of what your hair styling training can take you. We regularly have fashion show planners, make-up artists, photographers, TV and film artists come to the school to teach students about how hair styling professionals fit into their respective industries.

If you are ready to take your career to the next level, then we want to hear from you. Make an appointment with an admissions representative to visit the closest Hair Design Institute campus near you.