Your first step to a new career starts with admissions. In less than one year, you can have a career that can quite literally take you all over the world. Whether your goal is to be a stylist, salon owner, product manufacturer, a distributor, or a combination of them all — your journey begins with our admissions representatives.

Where do you want to go with your career in hair styling?

AdmissionsMany of our our students come to us interested in jumpstarting their career as a hair stylist. However have you decided what kind of hair stylist you want to be? What kinds of clients do you dream of styling? Do you want to work with high fashion runway models? How about soccer moms who want to look vibrant for their child’s elementary school graduation? Do you want to jetset around the world as a freelance hair designer? Or are you looking to create your own vision of the perfect salon in the town of your choice? Do you want to distribute the best in hair and beauty products around the world? Or do you have an idea for a new hair product that can flip the beauty industry on its side? Allow your imagination to run wild. Your opportunities are literally limitless!

What skills will you learn at the Hair Design Institute?

We take our curriculum very seriously here at the Hair Design Institute because we know our reputation rests on the shoulders of our graduates. When you complete our program and become a licensed stylist, we want your employer to feel comfortable knowing that you had the best training.

Our basic curriculum focuses on the following:

  • hair analysis
  • hair cutting and coloring
  • perming and straightening
  • skin care
  • basic chemistry
  • salon management

If you thrive in a hands-on learning environment with flexible schedules that suit your lifestyle, then the Hair Design Institute may be the perfect place for you to begin. Take a look at some of the skills you will develop while a student here:

Demonstrate your creativity

  • Suggest hair and makeup looks for your clients
  • Be able to fit creative styles with your client’s personality

Develop business skills

  • Learn how to manage competing schedules
  • Market your hair design services
  • Gain knowledge of what products are best for your clients hair type and lifestyle
  • Build your client base no matter where you are

Communication skills

  • Talk to your clients to discover their goals
  • Support clients in making hair styling decisions based on color, texture, and hair health

Improve your physical stamina

  • Stand on your feet for long periods of time
  • Be able to lift and hold styling tools for extended time periods

Customer service skills

  • Learn how to have positive interactions with a variety of clients
  • Handle client complaints gracefully

You see from this list of skills that there is more to becoming a great stylist than just a passion for cut, color, and fashion. We want our graduates to be well rounded professionals so that when you leave the Hair Design Institute, you will be ready for whatever comes next.

Are you ready to take the next step to your future? Please take a look at our application requirements for more information.