Why The Hair Design Institute



Part of a Network of Schools


Hair Design Institute is part of a bigger network of schools, NEXEDGEN – The Next Generation of Beauty Education.

Family History

The owners of NEXEDGEN are second generation school owners. Anthony Civitano and Sal Pappacoda grew up in the schools and salons  their families owned. They learned from their family and always try to maintain the rich history of hairdressing and cosmetology.

Hair Design Institute – Strength and Family Feel

The Hair Design Institute  has the strength and support of a network of schools while maintaining  the rich history of hairdressing and cosmetology that only a family can bring.

Current  and Usable Education

New styles and techniques are a part of The Hair Design Institute eduction.  Students are able to carry out services they have learned in the classroom on actual clients who come in for services.

We teach all phases of hairdressing and cosmetology. The students participate in events, such as fashion week, where they are actually able to work on the models for the actual show and present their own work. We take pride in our students.

Beauty changes lives and we want our student’s lives to be changed in a positive way. We want them to got out and be successful.